Friday, February 26, 2016

Dear Ukraine

February 26, 2016
"Dear Ukraine"

Our time in Ukraine has come to an end again.  Always, there is more to be done, and thankfully the staff at the Mennonite Centre carry on after the Canadians have left.

We were given this bead-work framed map of Ukraine with the caption “Dear Ukraine”.  

“Dear” for the people who gave this to us, who struggle to create a successful and meaningful life in a country that is challenged by political uncertainties, high unemployment and inflation – people who know this place as their homeland.

“Dear” for our ancestors who left this country reluctantly and who often reminisced of a thriving and enjoyable family, church, and community life.

“Dear” for us who have now formed significant friendships through the ongoing work of the Mennonite Centre.  Please remember Ukraine in your thoughts, prayers and with your financial donations to the Mennonite Centre.  Contact information can be found at: 

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